I’ve always enjoyed the Japanese aesthetic, and it was my dream to one day visit Japan. My husband and I had the opportunity to experience Japan with a tour a couple of months ago. The trip was so exciting. We enjoyed seeing the beautifully cared for gardens and the natural beauty of Japan’s countryside, visiting various museums and seeing artifacts both old and contemporary, experiencing a very efficient transportation system of subways, trains including the bullet train, buses and taxis. People were friendly, helpful, polite and gracious- and they bowed a lot!

We saw contrasts in fashion where women wore traditional kimonos and the latest mini skirts and layers of style; in architecture where we visited Buddhist temples and Meiji shrines and walked through Tokyo’s Ginza neighborhood of skyscrapers which housed upscale shops like Prada and Tiffany; in food purveyors where we visited vast and colorful indoor and outdoor food stand/markets, and also visited modern multi-story department stores in Tokyo and Kyoto.

This trip inspired me to paint my memories of Japan and its people.


Mistress and Disciple


A Dream Comes True


Midnight Watch


Girls’ Night Out


Moment of Recognition

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