About Camea

Acrylic artist, Camea Davidson, is drawn to patterns in nature such as symmetrical patterns of butterflies and the human body, radial patterns of flowers, and repeat patterns in time, music and dance. Her paintings capture a facet of the natural world through color, texture and pattern.

Her background is in education, science and art. Her training includes numerous art classes and workshops at Cal State University Northridge, CA, the Frye Art Museum, Bellevue Arts Museum, and Bellevue College. She has been a member of Northwest Collage Society, and is presently a member and Public Art Program coordinator of Evergreen Association of Fine Arts (EAFA). She taught art and science to children, and as a docent, she worked with schools, the Seattle Aquarium, Bellevue Botanical Gardens, and the Bellevue Arts Museum to bring science, nature and the arts together for children and adults to enjoy.

Camea’s paintings have been exhibited in the following venues:

  • Bellevue Arts Museum
  • Kaewyn Gallery, Bothell
  • Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery, Bainbridge Island
  • Harrison Hospital, Bremerton
  • Overlake Hospital, Bellevue
  • EAFA Annual Open and Members Only Exhibitions
  • EAFA Abstract Show, Seattle Design Center
  • T’Latte
  • Bainbridge Athletic Club
  • Wing Point Golf & Country Club, Bainbridge Island